A man called Joseph Constantine

Something is quite common in the field of medicine, it is knowledge sharing, there was some time in history that many British physicians went to India far back as 1700, from India, they learnt how to do nose surgeries, and this was chronicled by them in the year 1794. Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery was carried out by a man or a plastic surgeon/cosmetic surgeon called Joseph Constantine, by the year 1814, this man was found to have replaced a British Officer’s nose.

John Peter is known as the first plastic surgeon in America, and he can be said to be the pioneer of Cosmetic surgery UK or plastic surgery UK, because his practices and knowledge about the field of plastic surgery cannot be overemphasized, his work is definitely a contribution to even Plastic surgery London and cosmetic surgery London. By the use of some kind of instruments that he designed himself, Mattauer carried out his first operation which as that of the cleft palate in the year 1827, in North America.

Some other people are also regarded as fathers in the field of cosmetic surgery by cosmetic surgeons all over the world. Some of them are Johann Friedrich; he introduced what is known as re-operation, in order to improve any reconstructed nose, in its appearance. Another man is called John Roe, he was known to be an otorinolaryngologist, and he succeeded in reducing the nasal hump of a young lady. Man is known to be very strong and so no need for beautification. That was in the days of old. Nowadays, men are even seen to be operated on by cosmetic surgeon or Harley Street plastic surgeon, even in London as some of them have gone beyond just appearing shabby, but also trying to look good in their appearance, whatever the kind of job they might be doing.

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