Advantages of Stretch Wrap

is among the simplest, most cost effective techniques to secure your product for transport or storage. Offered in a variety of kinds like machine, hand, stretch banding and stretch netting, it may be used with manual hand held device or using semi automatic and automatic stretch wrappers of all types to secure and safeguard your precious products.

You opt for the gauge, width, and color that best pieces your Particular requirements and you Can Begin wrapping your way to these advantages:
Improved Product Protection- If you’re hauling your product for supply or keeping it into your warehouse, wrapping your products with stretch wrap can shield them from environmental elements like dust, grime and dust which could damage them. By using UVI stretch films, you can secure your products from UV rays, when keeping them outside. Maintain your product clean, clean, and nevertheless completely visible and you will be protecting your gains also.

Decreased Product Damage / Improved Load Candles -By wrapping your product using stretch wrap, you’re unitizing it, thus making a more secure load with less prospect of changing that can lead to product damage. When it’s being transported in a vehicle and undergoing regular shifting from street conditions or being transferred around on your warehouse by forklift, if the products are securely wrapped together, there is less probability of motion and damage that could happen due to it.

Enriched Shipping & Handling Efficiencies
Improved Stack Height- With stretch wrap, together with angle boards positioned vertically, will permit you to pile product greater on the pallets and optimize your block space when storing or shipping your product.

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