Are there Ways to Detect a Whatsapp Hack?

WhatsApp, being the most popular messaging service, is also one of the most targeted one by hackers. There are many who want to know how to hack whatsapp account. Your device is also not free from threats. Are there ways to detect if your WhatsApp account has been tampered with?

• Through WhatsApp web: This new feature of WhatsApp enables people to access their accounts from a computer. First, scan the QR code from the mobile and then you can access WhatsApp account from any computer. The web helps to understand whether there are multiple devices connected to your WhatsApp account. If you find any unauthorised devices hooked to you, just delete them. You have protected yourself from WhatsApp sniffer.
• Look for unknown apps: Hackers make use of spy apps to extract information from other people’s mobiles. If there is any unknown app in your mobile, there are chances that your data may have been hacked. Delete all unwanted apps from mobile.
• Message extraction: Hackers use the technique of copying messages from WhatsApp account to send to another mail id. Thereby, they get access to the entire WhatsApp folder. Check whether your messages have copied and sent elsewhere.
• Sharing with strangers: When you have shared your mobile with a stranger, always check the phone after you take it back from him. All people are not straightforward. If you find anything amiss after that, immediately deactivate your WhatsApp account.

What to do if hacked?
When you have found out that your data has been hacked, do not panic. Act wisely so as to rectify in the best manner. Lock WhatsApp and search for any crucial info on it. If anything like bank password has been shared through it, take steps to change it immediately.
Technological advancement comes as boon and bane. As WhatsApp hack has become common these days, it is better to be on guard.

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