Auto mechanics (automehanika), a part of mechanical engineering


For any mechanical engineer that will successfully graduate from an institution of higher learning, courses like thermodynamics and (automehanika) Auto mechanics are non-negotiable. Yes, it is true that many of the students scale through without having a good knowledge of the course and so they go on into the real world that way. It has also been discovered that as many of them that fog out into the world and later on, own cars, they tend to remember and get the perfect understanding of what they were taught while in school.

So many of them graduate that way because their institution, or in the case of developing or under-developed countries, their government, not funding the institution appropriately. Lack of proper infrastructures and well-equipped laboratory causes many of these students to graduate without proper knowledge of the course. One of the measures that have been put into place, to control this, is how institutions are been licensed or accredited to offer such courses.

The government has come up with a way of checking through and giving accreditation to only institutions that qualify and have what it takes to train the students in Auto mechanics (automehanika). Some other students do not come out of the institution with partial knowledge if the course because of poor funding of their institutions. Some of them come out with part knowledge because they actually do not have interest in what they are doing, many of them wanted to study something else and so they receive another course which they most likely will not like. This happens in most developing countries and it is in turn affecting their nation as a whole. To fully develop as a nation, this is one of the things that should be given attention to (the education sector of the whole economy).

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