Best juicers for the economical and health conscious

Eat your fruits and vegetables right for fit life, but now you can drink them too. Undoubtedly, I am talking about juicers. The best juicers in the market can be tricky to choose from.

Juicer Variants
• Centrifugal: It is the cheapest of the lot.
• Masticating: It costs slightly more than the previous.
• Two gear juicer: It is the costliest juicer of the lot.
The first two variants are a better choice from the daily and economical aspect. Hence, they are the ones that will be discussed.
Juicing process
 Centrifugal juicer
• The blades spin very fast and grind up food totally.
• The juice then drops into a chamber.
• The pulp flings to a different chamber.
 Masticating juicer
• Firstly, they mince the food but slowly.
• Whereas the pulp is pressed strongly by an auger through a strainer.

What kind of juice can you make?
• Ideally, centrifugal juicer grinds hard vegetables.
• You can juice carrots, for instance, using them.
• Masticating juicer juices leafy vegetables.
• Juice of wheat grass which is a popular yet costly health food.
What are the best juicers that are feasible?
• The biggest benefit to masticating is the higher juice yield.
• The pulp from centrifuge is surprisingly able to yield more juice in masticating juicer.
• It slowly squeezes more juice and nutrients alike.
• This is indeed beneficial although the cost is more.
Centrifugal Juicer
• Use a centrifugal juicer to make fruit juices successfully in bulk.
• You can easily make juices out of fruits and vegetables as a combo.
• In that case, fruit pulp is pushed by fibrous vegetable down the strainer.
• The whole cleaning process is easier due to less detachable components.

Juicing can be not an issue of concern at all if you choose wisely the suitable kind from the best juicers available in the market.

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