Features you need to look for in headphones

No matter whether you want to listen to music while doing workouts or listen to relieve from stress after a hectic schedule or want to boost your gaming experience, you would need to have a perfect pair of headphones. There are different types of the best over ear headphones under 100 available in the market, but you need to buy the one that perfectly fits in your needs and budget. There are umpteen headphone styles available in wired and wireless models. If you want to use a pair of headphone for more than one purpose, then you need to pick the right pair of headphones after doing thorough research. Few of the special features that are available in the headphones include

Noise cancellation and isolation: The noise cancellation feature present in the headphones will capture the minute sounds around and cancels these noises before they reach the wearer’s ears. The sound isolating material in the headphones will create a barrier between your ear and the noises around the world. The in-ear headphones will not let the noise, hit the ears and disturb your music listening experience.
Adjust the volume: When your child is using the headphones to listen to rhymes, then the volume adjustable feature in the headphones will let you to reduce the volume without the noise affecting the ears of your little ones. Using this feature, you can reduce the volume up to 85 decibels or less. However, not all headphones come with this feature. When you give the headphones to your kids, then you need to buy the one that allows you to adjust the volume.

Boneconduction: The bone conducting headphones will sit on the cheekbones and these are perfect for the people who would like to listen to the music clearly along with the background music. This kind of headphone is perfect for the joggers and walkers who go for jogging and walking in traffic where they can hear the traffic and music. Moreover, these headphones are designed to be waterproof, thus letting you listen to the music while swimming. This will not let you to raise the volume and thus does not take a toll on your ears

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