How does MMR booster work?

Let’s start with the terms. What does MMR mean and what is behind it? MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating and is a hidden number that describes your skill. On the basis of this figure, Riot determines the opponents against which you play but also how many points you win or lose after a game. Dota 2 boosting is now possible with dota 2 booster.

This question has been a concern to the League of Legends community for a long time and there is no official statement from Riot but by some clever heads, the function of the system has been well understood.

Your exit MMR (your MMR if you have never completed a rank list game) is always at 1200. This means that if you qualify for the 2015 season for the first time, you start with a MMR of 1200 and depending on the, whether you win or lose your games, this value changes. An example (assuming the MMR point scale is from -40 to +40): You are starting your first game with an MMR of 1200, and both teams have an MMR of 1200 on average, so you would be at one Victory 20 MMR points. So you are at 1220.

Your second game includes all past games when calculating the MMR points. For example, if you win all ten placement games, you would get +20 MMR points for the first 2-3 games, and each time you win, you increase the MMR points (game 1- 2: + 20 MMR points, game 3: +22 MMR points, game 4: +23 MMR points, game 5: +25 MMR points, game 6: +27 MMR points, game 7: +30 MMR points, game 8: +33 MMR points, game 9: +35 MMR points, game 10: +40 MMR points). Dota 2 booster is one of the best MMR boosters.

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