How youcan know If Your Home Is Infested by Termites

It is very true that people usually confuse Winged ปลวก (termites) with ants, as both of them swarm virtually at the same period of the year. You should be aware that it is possible to differentiate termites from ants by their straight antennae, their equal sized wings, and uniform waist. Whereas ants do have their waist constricted, elbowed antennae and the forewings, which are longer than those of the hind. The termites are commonly attracted to where there is light and you will always find them around doors and windows. They usually emerge from tree stumps, even woodpiles, and other locations, which do not necessarily cause for any concern and this does not mean that the house is already infested. But in a situation whereby the winged termites are emerging particularly from the adjoining porches, the base of the foundation wall, there is a high probability that such house has been infested and there will be a need for adequate and effective treatment.

Another way you can observe the infestation of termites or lizards (จิ้งจก) is when the earthen mud i.e. tubes are extending over the wall of the foundation, sill plates, support piers, floor joists etc. Most times such mud tubes are usually about a pencil diameter but can be thicker sometimes. Termites usually construct these tubes for the purpose of shelter as they embark in traveling between the underground colonies as well as their structures. Therefore, in determining the activeness of an infestation, one can check for the presence of any worker termites, which may be small and even creamy-white by breaking, and the opening of the tube and this will warrantee Termite control (กำจัดปลวก).
You should understand that if the tube is found to be empty or vacant, that does not guarantee the absence of termites’ infestation or inactiveness; the fact is that they usually abandon the sections of tubes while they are foraging elsewhere even in the structure.

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