Instrument used in medical field that is stethoscope

The instrument used in medical field to listen to the heart beats and breathing, it consists of disc-shaped resonator placed against the chest and it consists of 2 tubes connected to 2 earpieces. The doctors use the top most stethoscope brand.

Best stethoscope for doctors and nurses
• 3M Littmann classic III
o Key features
o Size-27 inches
o It has Two-sided chest piece
o Clothing size – one size
• Omron Sprague Rappaport
o Key features
o three sizes of open bells
o two sizes of diaphragms
o two pairs of ear tip
• Prestige Medical
o Key features
o Unique heart shaped chest piece
o Clear Sound
Stethoscope review
As the technology changes the more technology comes in stethoscope and every company gives different services One of the best Stethoscopes is 3M Littmann classic III. It consists of 2 sided chest tube, Single-piece tunable diaphragm, a Small tunable diaphragm is useful for pediatric. At the 2nd most position in stethoscope is Omron Sprague Rappaport. It mostly referred by the doctors it is easy to handle. It is mostly recommended by the doctors because it has 2 size of a diaphragm.
And at the 3rd most position is taken by the prestige medical stethoscope it is best because every doctor wants to listen the patient heart beat clearly and in this stethoscope, sound can be clearly heard that’s it is mostly used by the doctors.
What top most brands want?
The top stethoscope brands give many relevant features that their lifetime and durability is more, their quality is good, their price depends on the owner of the company, but they try to sell in the low coast, it must be easy to handle and easy to use. The price of the different brands varies from brand to brand Stethoscope provides the information which is properly to diagnose the patient.

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