South Africa – The Most Beautiful World of Safari:

The second largest land mammal on earth is unfortunately also one of the most endangered. The wide-mouth and pointed mouth horns occurring in Africa have been fueled for decades by their horn which is regarded as a panacea in Asia and the Middle East. Strictly speaking, only the pointed macaw horn is part of the “Big Five” due to its slightly more aggressive nature. The more frequent wide-mouth horn occurs mainly in South Africa, in the Kruger National Park and the Sabi Sand region. The name comes from the wide mouth which allows the animal to eat large masses of grass at once.
Many African travelers visit the magical continent to see the “Big Five” on a safari. Of course, Africa’s flora and fauna offer so much more but close-to-the-eye observations of the impressive animals are certainly one of a unique experience ever. The famous Kruger National Park and the Madikwe Wild Reserve in South Africa are ideal for the search for the herbivorous species and therefore also for predators with their large sandy river beds, the dense bush and open clearing. Private reservations in the Sabi Sand region promise their guests observations of all “Big Five” in just a few days. A bit more difficult but an even greater “wilderness feeling” – is the track search in the huge parks in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Huge elephant and buffalo herds with up to 400 individuals move through the national parks Hwange and South Luangwa in East Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, travelers will find a completely different landscape, determined by open spaces and savannah.
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