The Games Kids Of Today Like To Play

When was the last time you went to the playground with your kids and watched them holler and whoop with joy scrambling to hang on to the monkey bars or sliding down that amazing twisting and turning slippery slide? Why is it that we as adults also feel the same excitement watching our kids play as do the children themselves? Such times are becoming more and more precious and rare as parents are just not realizing the importance of their children running around in playgrounds and getting that much needed exercise for their body.

We often go back in time as we sit and watch the kids happily swinging away or making castles with the sand. When we were much younger, we had a lot of leisure time on our hands and we spent most of it with other children of the same age group. There was no concept of play dates back then. The only thing you had to do was knock on your friend’s door and the friend would be more than ready to come out and play.
Today, we see a drastic change in the term ‘games’. Today, games more often than not refer to online games and games on the computer. Companies are competing with each other trying to market their games as the best for your kids and you are left stumped as to what you need to buy for your kids.
If you are internet savvy you will see that there are the friv websites where they offer hundreds of friv juegos (Friv games) or friv games to be played. There are so many categories to choose from and it all boils down to what your child actually finds interesting. The most popular would be the action games, adventure, multiplayer, and even educative ones and these games can keep your child occupied for hours on a holiday.

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