Things to consider when invited for a magic show (Mađioničarska predstava) at an event

Magic is the act of using special powers and abilities to make things happen. Such things that would be impossible. It also refers to the skill of tricks performing to entertain people. The Mađioničarska predstava (The Magician’s Show) is a form of entertainment where the magician tries to impress his audience with his tricks. The magician’s purpose is to gain that one second to perform his trickery. This, combined with his acting skills to make his audience go wild. You may decide to run your show. You may also perform at an event, which you have been invited. Here are a few tips you should consider if you are invited to perform at an event.

The first thing is that you need time to prepare for the show. You should design your performance around the event, which you have been invited to perform. This actually takes much time depending on what the event is. If you must make any event special with your performance, you need a good quality time to prepare. You need to create your custom routines, set music and lights. Even, getting the required licenses to perform some dangerous stunts will all consume time. Such stunts are fire eating and sideshow tricks. If you have been called with a short or a few days’ notice, you may charge more for an express performance.

Determine the budget for the magic show (Mađioničarska predstava). Have a rough idea of what you are going to spend on the performance. Be very realistic. Think about the event, your reputation, and the image you want to portray to your audience. Some details you should consider include:
• Date of the event, which you have been invited to perform
• The time you should arrive, and what time to begin performing.
• What your client wants from you
• The type of event (corporate lunch, birthday, wedding, etc.)
• How large is the audience you are expecting
• The age bracket of your audience
Consider these tips and you will have an amazing performance.

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