What facilities you will get if you Buy Levitra Online?

What is Levitra?
Before to Buy Levitra Online you have to know what Levitra is. Levitra is a drug which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction means ED. The generic name of this medicine is vardenafil. The pharmaceutical giant Bayer is the manufacturer of this medicine. This medicine is available in the market with different seal packed such as 30 pills in a pack, 60 pills in a pack, 90 pills in a pack, 120 pills in a pack or 180 pills in a pack.

The price is varied according to the size of package. Levitra is available by different dosages such as 2.5 mg. 5 mg. 10mg, as well as 20mg. It is available in the form of round shape tablets and the color is orange. Generally doctors prescribe the patients to start with a ten milligram dose. 10mg. dose of this medicine is equivalent with 50mg. dose of Sildenafil or Viagra. The consuming process of Levitra is quite different than that of Cialis or sildenafil.
Facilities while Buy Levitra Online:
Doctors prescribe this medication to the patients for taking one to two hours prior their sexual activity. You can take this drug maximum once per day. If you buy Levitra Online then you will get several facilities. You may get ten percent free bonus pills if you pay the cost of this drug using your VISA card. You do not have to submit the doctor’s prescription while you buy this drug online.
The product Levitra and vardenafil is also available in the market at its brand name called Vivanza. It is surely a powerful and affective medicine to treat the erectile dysfunction. That’s why the popularity of this medicine is enhancing day by day.
This medicine is available like a soluble tablet which is dissolve in the tongue of the patient. If you buy Levitra Online then your purchased medicine will reach at your home safely within two to three days’ time.

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